Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thank You Dave & DC Classic Cars...

"Car transport services are important to every dealer.  In the classic car consignment business, everything can go wrong in the last step; which is getting the car to the consumer.  Time and time again transporters drop the ball.  Writing down the address incorrectly, not showing up on the day the car was to be picked up, bad communication, etc.  GT Transport has always shown up on the day we discussed.  They made sure the person receiving the car knew just as many details as we did on pick up, routes, travel time, and arrival time.  The drivers have always been professional in appearance, their trucks have always been clean, and being able to contact them at a moment’s notice has never been a problem.  They bring a peace of mind to the seller and the buyer which makes that final step easier for everyone.  I would recommend their services to anyone who is on the fence about making ties with a transport company."
-Dave Knierim

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